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Remembering Winter while Looking Forward to Spring

March 8, 2012

A few of the Front of the House from January.

Over 70º in the second week of March? Wow. It really makes us think about theupcoming Spring season here on the farm, and the work that will need to be done.  Soon we will be planting potatoes, starting seedlings, plowing fields, and harrowing oat and hay seed into the soil. We will look for spring litters of pigs and welcome new baby chicks to the farm too.

This winter was, by all standards, mild here in Central Iowa. We had very little snow and many days went by without thermal layers. A tad disappointing to me, as winter is quite beautiful out here on the farm. In addition to the wonderful Spring days and the garden, Spring will also bring lots of mud to the farm. While I look forward to Spring, I look back to the past couple of winters on the farm, and thought I’d share some of the beauty with you.

A look to the garden fence from the window of the 1900 house.

These photos are pictures that few get to see on the farm as we are not open for general visiting at this time. Remembering these days help us get through the grueling heat of July. Enjoy your glimpse of winter’s beauty, and look forward to bright, sunshiny days.

The horses stay warm with winter fur and sunshine!

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